How the Association is Funded

As of July 1, 2006, Teen Court programs from throughout West Virginia have a place to call home. Thanks largely in part to a grant from the West Virginia Bureau of Behavioral Health and Health Facilities: Division on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, the Association was created to help link Teen Courts throughout the state, and allow for the development of NEW County Teen Court programs. This not only allows youth a positive peer pressure prevention system, but also serves as an early intervention tool to hold court referred youth accountable for their actions in an efficient and effective manner.

This funding allows for basic administration of the State Teen Court Association and increase the capacity of our current juvenile justice system throughout West Virginia.

Membership for the Association is currently free and we encourage anyone interested in the Teen Court process to join. We are currently looking for additional sponsors of the association and additional revenue streams beyond our five year financial plan.

Each year, we award stipends to communities interested in developing a Teen Court within the coming year. Those communities wishing to apply for funds must submit a two page overview of the reasons they need a teen court and how one would be implemented in their community. Special preference is given to those citing a true need for a Teen Court program and those communities with collaborative partnerships already in place.